Where can you rent a bicycle for a holiday tour in Irleland?

Last updated on November 24, 2023

You want to go on a cycling tour in Ireland but don’t necessarily want to bring your own bike?

No problem, you can also rent a bike for the tour in Ireland. I have researched where this is possible for you. In the following, I will only show providers who offer touring bikes.

By the way, we live in Ireland (second home) and run our motorbike rental business here in the summer months (www.easycruiser.tours). We also have nice guest rooms (www.the-view-accommodation.ie). We have travelled the island again and again over many years and therefore know it very well – and the weather too.

Rent a bike in Dublin

You will probably fly to Dublin. There are other connections, but most flights go directly to Dublin.

If you want to combine a few days in Dublin with a few days cycling in the Wicklow Mountains and on the beautiful south-east coast, it makes sense to rent a bike in Dublin.

It also makes sense to hire a bike in Dublin if you want to cycle the Eurovelo 2 (Capital City Route) towards Galway.

You can also rent a bike in Dublin and take a train or bus to the west coast, but you can also continue to the west coast without a bike and rent a bike there – but more on that later.

Most bike hire companies in Dublin specialise in city tours, but there are also some where touring bikes are on the site. Prices are taken from the websites of the providers – as of early 2023.

It is not always apparent on the homepage whether luggage racks and panniers are also offered. However, this is normal and typical in Ireland, where practically everything is clarified by phone. So just call and ask!

Bicycle rentals:

www.rivercycles.com: Bicycles of all kinds for €10 per day. Fully equipped touring bikes for larger tours are also mentioned on the site.

phoenixparkbikes.com: Most people will rent a bike to explore the Phoenix Park for a few hours. However, there is also an option on the site to rent a touring bike for Ireland trips with a rack and saddlebags. The standard price is €20 per day, but for a two-week bike tour there is certainly a special price – just ask.

the-cyclehub.com: The shop is located on the harbour of Dun Laoghaire, a suburb in the south of Dublin. The site mentions touring bikes for €20 per day or €120 per week. I assume that they also offer them at least with a rack, but it is not visible on the site – so just ask.

Bicycle hire in Cork

From Cork you can cycle the beautiful south-west coast and then follow the Wild Atlantic Way or Eurovelo 1 northwards.

Bicycle rentals:

www.corkbikerental.com: A touring bike with rack is on offer for €190 per week. The special thing here: You can also rent one-way, e.g. rent in Cork and return in Kerry. This costs €1 per kilometre or €50 for longer distances. I wonder if there are saddlebags available? -Enquire!

www.wilatlanticsports.com: This provider is located southwest of Cork, in Kinsale, where the official starting point of the Wild Atlantic Way is. It offers tours, rental and pick-up service, e.g. to Cork for 50€. There are electric and conventional touring bikes for hire with full equipment and map (!). Prices are 115€ per week for a touring bike and 170€ per week for an electric bike.

www.thebikeshed.ie: Touring bikes with equipment are available for hire here (Cork). The basic price is 15€ per day, for longer periods there are special prices – ask…

Bicycle hire in Killarney

Killarney is a very popular holiday resort and is also a good starting or finishing point for a longer cycling tour. There is plenty of accommodation and from here you can cycle the Killarney National Park, the Ring of Kerry, the Beara and Dingle peninsulas or follow the wild Atlantic Ocean north or south.

Bicycle rentals:

www.killarneybikerental.com: There are bikes for day tours, e-bikes and touring bikes with panniers for longer tours. The latter cost €175 per week with bags, map, helmet and lock included.

www.killarneyrentabike.com (O’Sullivan): Touring bikes are available here for 125€ per week, bags can be added for free. More days cost €10 per day extra.

www.cyclingkillarney.com: Located on the southern edge of Killarney. Touring bikes cost €175 per week including saddle bags, lock, helmet, repair kit and maps.

Bicycle hire in Galway

Galway is the gateway to Connemara and Mayo and can be reached very quickly and easily from Dublin. I found the following providers of touring bikes:

Bicycle rentals:

www.westirelandcycling.com: A normal touring bike can be hired for €120-150 per week, there are also e-bikes and other bikes available. Accessories such as bags and helmets can be added.

www.westsidecyclesgalway.com: also in Galway, this rental company offers touring bikes with saddlebags from €20 per day. There is also the option of One-Way-Rental – certainly on request.

Bicycle hire in Westport

What Killarney is to the southwest coast, Westport is (on a smaller scale) to the northwest coast: a great starting point for trips along the northern Wild Atlantic Way, or the northern Eurovelo-1. There are a few providers, but most specialise in local day tours. The following two providers seem to be a bit more flexible about this:

Bicycle rentals:

www.westportbikehire.com: Touring bike with rack for €250 per day. Saddlebags? Ask for it!

www.westportbikeshop.ie: A touring bike (hybrid) costs 25€ per day. It says extra (after all!) that rentals for multi-day tours are gladly offered separately. I assume that you can also get panniers for this.


There are some top organised bike rental shops with very informative websites and there are many, perhaps smaller shops, where the website gives little more than a phone number.

This is still completely normal in Ireland. The Irish like to talk on the phone, everything can be discussed and for most things there is a solution and a price. If not, you are brushed off with many superficially friendly words.

This might be a bit unusual for Germans, but don’t be put off – if in doubt, just call them and talk about your wishes. Then you will also notice to what extent your contact person is fully responsive to you – and whether you feel you are in good hands there, – or not.

Both are good! Because now you know if you want to book there or if you’d rather try somewhere else.

With this in mind, I wish you a lucky hand in choosing your bike rental and a great holiday in Ireland!

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