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When you think of Dublin, Guinness certainly comes to mind very quickly. Ireland’s largest brewery is also synonymous with Irish pubs, a successful model that has long since spread all over the world.

Photo: guinness-storehouse.com
Photo: guinness-storehouse.com


Irish whiskey is also a successful model that has spread all over the world. Quite rightly so, because unlike Scottish whiskey (which is also excellent), Irish whiskey is triple-distilled, which gives it a milder flavour without losing any of its character.

If you enjoy a good beer or a good whiskey, Dublin is the place to be: Here you can visit several distilleries and breweries, which also offer tours and experiences.

In addition to the top dogs, Guinness and Jameson, there are also small but fine providers of fine spirits and pints. However, the distilleries dominate, as some of the private breweries unfortunately do not offer tours.

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Incidentally, I live not far from Dublin (second home) and know the city quite well. Originally from Germany, my family and I have been living south of Dublin for a few years now, where we run our motorbike rental business in the summer months (https://www.easycruiser.tours) and also offer guest rooms (https://www.the-view-accommodation.ie).

In this article I have written down some nice brewery and distillery tours in Dublin for you:

Photo: jamesonwhiskey.com
Photo: jamesonwhiskey.com

Guinness Storehouse

This great brand probably needs no introduction. Nevertheless, it introduces itself and offers a whole host of experiences:

You can take a guided brewery tour, a self-guided tour of the Experience, visit the Academy, take part in a tasting, enjoy a pint in the Sky Bar and enjoy the beautiful view over the city, or simply eat and drink well.

See: https://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en/visit.

Old Jameson Distillery

Jameson is certainly one of the most popular whisky brands in Ireland and rightly so. The mild Jameson is (in my experience) often enjoyed by people who usually shake their heads when it comes to whiskey.

Here at Jameson on Bow Street you can book a tour and various courses in whiskey blending, cocktails and more. See: https://www.jamesonwhiskey.com/en-ie/visit-our-distilleries/jameson-bow-street-distillery-tour/.


Urban Brewing

Urban Brewing is simply lovely. The small brewery is practically in the middle of the pub, there are beautiful vaulted cellars, a nice bar, a good restaurant and of course you can also take a brewery tour. See: https://www.urbanbrewing.ie/brewery-tours.

Irish Whiskey Museum

The Irish Whiskey Museum in the centre of Dublin is completely independent of the distilleries and provides an independent account of the history of Irish whiskey up to the present day. You can take a guided tour and tastings – also completely independent of brands. See: https://irishwhiskeymuseum.ie/.

Photo: thedld.com
Photo: thedld.com

Brew Dog Outpost Dublin – Beer Schools

This isn’t actually an Irish beer, but a chain that originated in Aberdeen – on the east coast of Scotland. Luckily they have expanded and at Brew Dock Outpost Dublin you can experience a micro-brewery, hearty food and of course a good beer bar right on the waterfront.
You can also take part in Beer School. See: https://www.brewdog.com/eu_de/outpostdublin.

Teeling Distillery

Teeling is the first modern distillery in Dublin for over 125 years (there have been other new ones since). The site, which you can visit, is strikingly modern and very stylishly designed. There are various tours and experiences on offer and, of course, a bar and café. See: https://teelingdistillery.com/distillery-tours/.

The Dublin Liberties Distillery

The Dublin Liberties Distillery lives in historic buildings surrounded by dark secrets. You can book a tour and be enlightened. See: https://thedld.com/.

Photo: pearselyonsdistillery.com
Photo: pearselyonsdistillery.com

Pearse Lyons Distillery

Pearse Lyons is even more classic, as the distillery is located in a former church! You can take a guided tour, learn all about gin, cocktails and whiskey or just pop in for a coffee (or Irish coffee). See: https://pearselyonsdistillery.com/experiences/.

Stillgarden Distillery

Stillgarden is a modern distillery offering a wide range of experiences, from a guided distillery tour to various gin and cocktail tastings and afternoon coffee. See: https://stillgardendistillery.com/.

Ad for our own business Easycruiser.tours
Ad for our own business Easycruiser.tours


As you can see, you don’t have to sit on dry land in Dublin. In addition to numerous good pubs and bars, you will also find some exciting distilleries and breweries that go to great lengths to offer their visitors interesting experiences.

If museums aren’t your thing, you can follow an alternative sightseeing programme here. But who says you can’t visit the museum first and then the distillery? or the whiskey museum?

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a great time in Dublin!

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