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Irish pubs are famous worldwide for their cosiness. And Irish music is known worldwide for its verve and joie de vivre! Why not combine the two? The best way to do this is in Dublin….



Dublin never sleeps – or so you might think. There used to be a closing time for pubs and clubs, but today the Irish are no longer so strict. So you have the best chance of enjoying the evening with live music – and a good part of the night too.

In any case, you’ll find plenty of great pubs in Dublin and many offer live music. Some every day of the week, others only on certain days and not all on weekends or public holidays. No matter when you’re in Dublin, you’ll find live music somewhere – for sure.

To make your search easier, I’ve written down some great tips for you below.
In addition to traditional Irish music, you will also find jazz, blues, rock, folk, indie and other musical genres in Dublin.

The Trad Music Sessions are truly Irish. These are informal gatherings of traditional Irish musicians who play together. Everyone knows the Irish songs and the line-up of the band can change a few times during the evening as musicians join or leave. The guests often sing along and the atmosphere is usually fantastic.

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Typical Irish instruments at such traditional trad sessions are fiddles, flutes, the accordion, the banjo and the frame drum, which is played by hand. More modern versions also include the instruments of modern bands, i.e. guitars, bass, drums and other instruments.

I have written the websites of the pubs for you, so you can find out exactly what is playing where and when. In any case, you already have a good starting point for your choice of pub.

By the way, I know Dublin quite well because I don’t live far from there. My family and I are from Germany, but we’ve been living south of Dublin for a few years now, where we run our motorbike rental business in the summer ( and also offer guest rooms.

So, off to Dublin and into the pub for some live music:


The Cobblestone

This is a long-established pub with traditional Irish music. There are trad music sessions and gigs and events, i.e. concerts. There’s music here almost every night, so you’re always in the right place! See:


Whelan’s is also the place to be, because here too you will find live music 7 days a week. In addition to Irish music, there is also indie, rock, folk and other music genres. There is also disco and comedy. See:

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The Brazen Head

Dublin’s oldest pub, the Brazen Head, was founded in 1198. Tradition obliges and so you can still listen to traditional Irish music here 7 days a week. And you can also eat well here. See:

The Temple Bar

Probably everyone who comes to Dublin walks through the Temple Bar neighbourhood and passes the Temple Bar of the same name. This award-winning traditional pub has been around since 1840. You’ll also find Irish live music here every day. See:

Temple Bar
Temple Bar (Foto: Ulrich Knüppel-Gertberg)


From the Dubliners to Bruce Springsteen, a host of famous musicians have come and gone here. You can listen to traditional Irish music here every day of the week. And you can also spend the night here. See:

The Stag’s Head

Beautiful Victorian pub with good food, Irish trad sessions and comedy. There isn’t music every day, so check the homepage. See:


The Oliver St John Gogarty

Gogarty’s is also in Temple Bar, in the centre of Dublin. There are lively trad sessions here 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday. See:

Here you can find a Youtube film with excerpts from a music session at Goggarty’s – be sure to watch it! See:

The Celt Bar

It doesn’t get much more Irish than this: Irish food, Irish music 7 nights a week, dancing and cosiness. See:

The Grand Social

The Grand Social is very centrally located on the River Liffey, close to Ha`Penny Bridge. It is not so much a pub as a music venue with bands and artists of various musical styles. There is not music every night, so be sure to check the programme: See:

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Traditional Irish music is definitely part of a holiday in Ireland! And in Dublin, you’ll find plenty of pubs that offer live music.

I’ve given you some great tips for music pubs in this article. Have a look at the pubs’ websites, choose something suitable – and then you’re ready to go! I wish you a great evening with great Irish music.

Have fun in Dublin!

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