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The day’s holiday has fallen through – it’s raining cats and dogs… But that doesn’t matter, because luckily there are also cool indoor activities in Ireland!

Photo: greatescaperooms.ie
Photo: greatescaperooms.ie


Escape rooms have taken the big cities of Europe by storm – and the game-loving Irish are no exception. There are plenty of great game formats, especially in Dublin and Belfast. But there are also good Escape Rooms in some medium-sized and smaller towns on the island.

What is an Escape Room? It is a room, or several rooms, in which a team or group tries to solve a game scenario. Only if they succeed, they are allowed to leave the room again, otherwise the unsuspecting tourists burn forever in the dungeons of the Dublin underworld…

No, it’s not quite that bad, the Irish are a friendly people and take good care of their guests. As a rule, there is one hour to solve all the puzzles and tasks. The game scenarios are varied and often imaginative and the facilities of the Escape Rooms show a wide range: from sober, to interesting, to bizarre, everything is there.

Below I have listed a good selection of Escape Rooms for you. I haven’t listed the operators that only do larger group bookings, because I’m assuming that you’re more likely to want to book alone or as a couple, family or small group on your holiday.

There is usually a minimum number of 2 players, but that doesn’t have to put you off if you are travelling alone, because especially in larger cities you can always find fellow travellers who feel the same way, or you can join a group.

Ad for our own business Easycruiser.tours
Ad for our own business Easycruiser.tours

In this article, I have also dispensed with organisers with a loveless and unconvincing presentation, because I naturally only want to give you good recommendations for a valuable holiday.

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Escape Rooms and leave the rain outside:

Escape Boats Dublin

The first Escape Room on my list is not in a house, but on a boat! In the harbour of Dublin there is a former cargo ship which offers two cool game scenarios as well as a cool ambience. See: https://escapeboats.ie.

Escape Dublin

There are three different games at Escape Dublin. This provider has numerous Escape Rooms in several countries and has a lot of experience. See: https://www.escape.game/

Photo: Foxes Fan on Google Maps
Photo: Foxes Fan on Google Maps


Endgame Escape Rooms (Dublin)

Endgame also offers three different games. I can already tell you: it gets bloody…See: https://www.endgame.ie.

Incognito Escape Room (Dublin)

Top reviews on TripAdvisor are already a strong recommendation for this provider. Here you have three exciting games to choose from in interestingly designed rooms: https://incognitoescaperoom.ie/.

Forbidden Quest Escape Games Belfast

Elaborate, spooky games and lots of top reviews on TripAdvisor guarantee quality. See: http://www.forbiddenquest.com/.

GoT to Escape – Game of Thrones Escape Rooms (Belfast)

Game of Thrones fans get their money’s worth here, because one game is based on GoT: Save King`s Landing. So sharpen your swords and get ready for battle! See: https://gottoescape.com/.

Photo: incognitoescaperoom.ie
Photo: incognitoescaperoom.ie

Timescape Life Escape Games (Belfast)

Several exciting games and friendly staff await you – check out the TripAdvisor reviews and you’ll know! See: http://timescapegames.com/.

Escapade HQ Escape Rooms (Belfast)

Escapade site in a bit out of Belfast, but well worth the drive. There are several well designed Escape Rooms and very helpful staff – again, very good reviews on TripAdvisor. See: https://www.escapadehq.co.uk/.

The Old Courthouse (Near Strabane, south of Londonderry/Derry)

A very special environment awaits you here: The Old Courthouse is actually a historic prison! You can take a fun guided tour, have a bite to eat in the bistro and book the Escape Room: The theme is your escape from prison (of course). See: http://www.liffordoldcourthouse.com/.

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Ad for our own business Easycruiser.tours

Inside Adventure Games (Castlebar)

There are also Escape Rooms on the West Coast, like this one in Castlebar, not far from Newport or Westport. Well-designed rooms and great reviews on Google are good recommendations. See: http://www.insidecastlebar.ie/.

Great Escape Rooms (Galway)

Superbly designed rooms and lots of great reviews on Google – that’s how Escape Rooms work! A top tip! See: http://greatescaperooms.ie/.

Black 11 Escape Rooms (Galway)

Established back in 2015, as Galway’s first Escape Room, Black 11 offers a good selection of games and well designed rooms. See: https://black11.ie/.

Photo: timescapegames.com
Photo: timescapegames.com

Exit Athlone Escape Room (Athlone)

Even in the heart of Ireland you can play: The only provider in Athlone is well rated on Google and TripAdvisor. See: http://www.exitathlone.com/.

Escape Limerick (Limerick)

Escape Limerick is located very close to King Johns Castle. One of the games is about King Johns Castle. See: http://www.escapelimerick.ie/.

Know Way Out (Kilkenny)

Know Way Out is centrally located near the Smithwicks Experience. Modern design and detective games are what you will find in this Escape Room. See: https://www.knowwayout.ie/.

Escape Killarney (Killarney)

Kerry’s first Escape Room has many good Google reviews. It is also centrally located and within easy walking distance. See: http://escapekillarney.ie/.

Photo: liffordoldcourthouse.com
Photo: liffordoldcourthouse.com

No Escape (Cork)

There are two operators near the centre of Cork This one doesn’t have a very good website, but has good reviews on TripAdvisor and Google. See: https://noescape.ie/.

The Great Escape (Waterford)

In the centre of Waterford, near the Clocktower, you will find this Escape Room. You can also throw an axe here! See: https://axejunkies.ie/escape-rooms/.

Escape Rooms Wexford (Wexford)

This seemed to be a new provider as there are not many, but at least good, reviews yet. It is part of LeisureMax, an amusement park centre for kids and has a good web presence – try it out? See: https://www.escaperooms.ie/.

Ad for our own business Easycruiser.tours
Ad for our own business Easycruiser.tours


Well, did you find some cool ideas for your holiday? I’m sure there are a few Escape Rooms on your route.

I don’t know all the Escape Rooms myself, but I’ve put a lot of effort into my research to find the good ones (of the others…) to make your search easier.

Never tried one? Doesn’t matter, it doesn’t cost much to try it out. Choose one or more providers whose websites appeal to you and then you’ll have some nice options in your pocket – not only for rainy days!

Have fun on the Emerald Isle!

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